I used to be such an


I just re-read my last post. I really wasn’t such a nice person after all?  Always trying to make jokes about everything, myself including, so caught in the middle of being hypersensitive and acting all detached, trying to navigate wanting to help other people and not being able to handle emotional outbursts or any “weaknesses”. Just so caught up in my own shit of not being able to handle life. Such an ass.

Feeling a bit stressed out. We’re leaving for Greece tomorrow and we’ll be gone for two weeks and I’m in charge of everything and I can feel the stress levels just going into the red. First sober vacation in forever. Four children on a long flight. No wine. No Retsina. Nothing to take the edge off during that eternity of a flight and let me tell you, I’m a somewhat stressed out traveller. And I’m already missing the dog, very foolish. So. Anyway. Let’s breathe and get packing.


PS Day 24. That’s at least one good thing I’m doing.


5 thoughts on “I used to be such an

  1. You will absolutely LOVE having a sober vacation, seriously, waking up early without feeling irritable, enjoying the long days and not dragging your feet around thinking about a glass of wine. Once you get out of the work and home zone you’ll be fine! Have fun and keep us updated x

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    • Can’t wait until we’re there. I can not understand why it is so tiring packing for 6 people, I guess it’s the responsibility of it, that if something important gets left behind it’s MY fault. Anyhoo, I’ll quit whining because I’m sounding like a spoiled brat. I’m actually really looking forward to being unhangover and swimming in the warm sea. Our sea is COLD.

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      • Greece will be cheap so take the view that if you forget it, you can buy it. Only hours to go, good luck!


    • I’ll try my best, Time, I really will. Once we’re at the house I’ll calm down, it’s just having to get all these kids situated and located and quiet and fed and not ending up forgetting one (or two) at the check in. I’ll be fine. Can’t wait until we have arrived and I get to (oh hello old fantasies of unwinding and rewarding myself with a glass of wine on the balcony) settle down and sit outside and listen to the ocean and just breathe.

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