Queen of Everything

Hello m’dears.

Had 8 hours of sleep last night, sleep is a truly wonderful thing.

Went out for a walk earlier, took the dog and all the children (Pokémon Go really has made it so much easier to get them outside) and off we went and then I sort of saw us all and I felt a rush of pride and a moment of something … a flutter of hope I guess. We were just such an awesome posse: me, my Irish quadruplets and my big 75 kilo dog.

Remembered that scene in The Hours, when Meryl Streep is on the bed and crying and remembering one morning when she was young and felt that enormous anticipation and that everything was possible. That it is that short moment, that is what happiness is. Those few seconds of complete contentment and hope – that’s it. Happiness is brief like that, not weeks and months at a time, just seconds. Hopefully we’ll get to have lots of those seconds.


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