Smallish update

Turns out that being drunk isn’t all that charming and funny? No worries, it wasn’t me, I was stone cold sober, but jeez.

Also turns out that my mother-in-law is quite the lush. I actually sort of knew this already, she and I were always the ones to empty our glasses first. I think that is why she’s the one that gets most annoyed when I politely tell her no thank you? I accepted all the glasses they served me during the evening but I just never drank them. If there hadn’t been other people around I’m sure they would have called me on it and started asking questions. She was rather wasted by the time we left. It’s not really a good look for her though, especially when she comes at me and I think that she’s going to tell me off and then she just opens her arms and hugs me. That was SUCH a weird moment. Believe me, I’ve known her for fifteen years. Thats was the wine doing the hugging. Ah, the bourgeoisie.

Everyone is still up at the big house drinking and talking and having a jolly time but I took the kids and the dogs down in the garden where we have a small cottage where we stay and now the rain is pouring down, I’ve got the fire going, the dog is snoring and the babies are sleeping.

I have served people so, so much wine this evening. And made drinks for them! And been somewhat pleasant to be around! I’m giving myself a little gold star for this evening. And I never even wanted to drink. I’m grateful that it was so easy for me this evening, I needed that.

And yes, a part of me is feeling a lot of schadenfreude when I think of the fact that my husband is scheduled to go up at five o’clock to go hunting. Make that A LOT of schadenfreude.  So maybe I’ll just sit here and feel slightly superior and smug for a while before falling asleep …

Good night!

(I’ve had this one line from this song on repeat all day inside my head. ALL DAY. “Down the booooozer!” that’s the part that my brain chose. Go figure.)


4 thoughts on “Smallish update

  1. Hurrah! Hope you’re enjoying (not) stomping around hunting at God awful o’clock. Well done for holding strong and I think you’re right, the ones that push drink the most usually are just looking for a partner in crime. Off to start my morning with a bit of Billy Bragg!

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  2. It is definitely a reinforcer to see others drunk when we are not, to realize how we might be perceived. Great job on not drinking! I am just catching up on your blog, fun reading! You are a great writer!!! Thanks for posting!

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