Collecting my thoughts/Updated

I just need to write this down so that I have something to get back to when I return home.

Garden party in 30 minutes. A surprise birthday celebration in the garden of  fancy people. Old money, lots of people from either the design industry or from university where they are doing all sorts of scientific research and post doc.stuff or … Never mind, they are all succesful and they are all good looking and I’m getting that inferior feeling again and I haven’t prepared, why didn’t I prepare? I need to get my own drinks, this is all very chaotic and I’m tapping on my phone and dammit we need to leave soon and I have nothing to wear and. Ah. Fuck it. Heals, black jeans, sunglasses the size of a small satellite.

PRAISE PREGNANT WOMEN (not all of them are smug. but some. a lot actually. but they sure helped me out today by just existing. thank you, ladies.)

I quickly let the husband have my champagne (he really gets a twoforone when he’s at a party with me nowadays) and went in to the kitchen and voilà: non alcoholic beer for the two pregnant ladies. I had already seen them sipping on some orange juice so without feeling too guilty I grabbed one of them and headed out. Had the wonderful excuse of having my children babysat by … one of my children, so after an hour I told them I really needed to get home. So here I am. At home. Sober! And SO relieved! Two weeks today! Let’s do this! Overenthusiastic exclamation marks!



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