If every day was like Sunday


I would run away, I really would. The sorting of clothes, everyones children running in and out of our and other peoples houses, the early waking up and getting annoyed (still) at not ever being allowed to sleep longer than 6:45 (if lucky), me getting angrier with every household chore that needs to get taken care of. I did try something new today though: didn’t make any meals. Usually (Because I am A Very Bright Person and can tell the time just by looking at a watch) I start making the meals when it’s getting close to lunchtime and dinnertime. Because people need food and especially children tend to get supercranky (and it’s pretty cranky here already) if they’re not fed properly I see to it. Not today, because you know, I did marry another Bright Person with the magic ability to tell the time so I figured he could do it. And he did. Sort of. We had lunch at t2:30 and it’s now 6:20 and the two youngest are supposed to be in their bath by now, but hey, I’m sure they will be fed sometime during the evening. Now I will stop doing everything that I’m supposed to do and sit down and maybe spend some quality time with my Rubiks cube. I sure know how to treat myself! Bleurk. Such a boring day.


Ended up storming down the stairs at 7:15 and acting like a Fury. Lot’s of grunting and slamming of cupboards and just a general feeling of hrmpf. So I did 11 omelettes á la minute and not even being too much of a martyr  about it, not in front of the kids anyway. (I’ll save that for later because that’s just what a wonderful and loving wife I am.) Did I mention I’m PMS:ing? Oh man, I am, I REALLY am.



5 thoughts on “If every day was like Sunday

    • It is a power given to some of us by the Fridge Fairy. We must use it with great caution!
      It’s just very annoying to think that something belongs in our parents generation and then suddenly realise that step by step we (I) have facilitated myself and my family to leap backwards in time and end up circa 1963. But then again, that was done during the drinking days when I didn’t realise that things can change. That I (WE!) have the power to change things.


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