I need to stop whining

For being a blog about quitting wining there sure has been a lot of whining lately. I need to get over myself. Just one last thing before I stop: today someone thought I was my children’s grandmother. That’s the second time this has happened to me in the last two months. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY FACE?


I’m sober, I’m working, I’m extremely busy. But I’m doing alright. Just wanted to check in and share something that Belle wrote in one of her e-mails which really summed up so much of that dissonance that always has been a part of me. The desire to connect without having the guts to open up. The feeling of utter loneliness and yet the reluctance to be honest.

We roll around and moan and say things like “why doesn’t anybody understand me” and yet we haven’t TOLD anybody the TRUTH of us.

So this is what I’m doing different this time. I’m trying to tell the truth about me.


2 thoughts on “I need to stop whining

  1. That telling the truth thing is by far the most difficult thing. Fear of people knowing who we really are. But when we are real it is so much more respectful to ourselves and those that love us. Tell it here. Be honest here. I am trying to do the same.

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  2. The photo absolutely cracked me up laughing! On a more serious note, I also struggle with wanting to connect but being a scaredy-cat hide myself away sort of person – it’s one of the biggest things I’ve realised I need to tackle on this sober learning journey.

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