Happy New Year, darlings.

2016 seems to have been one of the shittiest years for the world in a long, long time, but for me personally it was the year I finally became sober so for that I am very grateful. I am also grateful that all my loved ones are healthy and that I found this online community, if I had not found all of you I am convinced I would NOT have been able to be free of alcohol for as long as I have (for you daycounters out there: 127 days today).

I’m jotting this down in great haste between peeling artichokes and making fondants but I think of you all the time.

Here’s to waking up in 2017 without anxiety. Now that is worth a toast!

Thank you.


I made it

I guess I should feel proud, I mostly feel surprised.

I’ll celebrate properly and be in the basement trying to un-block our sewer that has been backed up in some disgusting way. I guess our childrens excessive use of toilet paper and the rather impressive amount of poo manufactured by said children was just too much for this 100 year old house.

Maybe there is some divine irony in all of this? From feeling like shit on day 1 I will instead stand in actual shit on day 100, feeling great. (And occasionally vomit from the smell, but that’s beside the point.)

99 problems, but a drink ain’t one

Tomorrow I have one hundred sober days. A long long time has passed since my last sleepless, anxietyridden, shamefilled night. I am genuinely surprised I made it.

Jay Z baby
Apparently just two glasses of white wine a day increases the risk for a certain form of invasive melanomas by 73%. That’s a lot y’all. I gather that since I drank approx. 5 glasses a day if you distribute them I’d better take a good look at my pale self.