228 days

And my life is so damn chaotic (as per usual). Last week there was a terrible terror attack in a town I used to live in for so many years and it shook me to the core. And my first thought, while weeping and frantically calling all my friends was that I needed a drink. I needed to sooth, to take away the rough edges of reality. But I know it wouldn’t help. It wouldn’t take away any of the things that happened or make that little girl live again. All it would do is give me more anxiety. So I let it pass. And I reached out. And I connected and we took part in a huge march of love to show those fuckers that we will not bow down, we will not be scared, we will fight the dark with light and life.

I’m here. Still sober, still a complete mess, still a human being in this world who will face reality with clear eyes and full hearts. We won’t lose.


2 thoughts on “228 days

  1. It’s really awful isn’t it? I’m in shock about the two incidents of this past month… makes me think of that quote by Martin Luther King, Jr “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Glad you are still sober. The world needs people to be consious and caring, now more than ever. Alcohol clouds your true self and your best judgement. xxx

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  2. The world seems different to me now.
    Very uncertain, unpredictable.
    Terrorists want us to be scared.
    So now, we must be braver than ever before.
    I am so glad you didn’t drink. The terroists won’t stop because we start drinking.
    Big Hugs,

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