just bruisin’

Discovered a big yellowish/green bruise on my leg today. I have no idea where I got it but it made me remember something: I used to have blue, black, green, yellow bruises all over my legs – all the time and I could never figure out why. Well sometimes I had a vague idea of maybe falling down or stumbling into a chair but still. Lots and lots of bruising. And now they’re gone. I even remember thinking that maybe I had leukaemia because I was always so tired and bruised easily. Jesus.

JESUS, I MEAN REALLY? That was my hypothesis? That I never slept, constantly tipped over and hit tables with my knees and lived in a contant hang over wasn’t a more plausible cause? GODDAMMIT. I should get one of those <- I’m with stupid t-shirts and give to my husband who had to listen to my “I think I might be dying from cancer, look!”-nonsense.



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