’tis the season

to get sloshed every single day of the week and everybody has decided that this is perfectly normal.

I’m still sober, I have even turned into one of those awful people who “oh ladida I have no idea how long, I had to check my phone to see how many days it is” that we all used to hate and envy at the same time (FYI 466 days). But December is ROUGH this time. I’ve had a real shitty fall and slowly come to the realisation that this is how it’s going to be for quite some time – no magic elf will come and take all the troubles away and turn me and my children into happy, uncomplicated people who love life and sees everything as an opportunity to grow. It’s not an opportunity to grow – it’s just life being real shitty right now and we’ll survive, we’ll even have some good times trying to figure this out. But I’m still a long way from posting inspirational quotes.

Anyways. Just wanted to sort of acknowledge to myself that this constant drinking of glögg is annoying me and waking up old thoughts of just taking the edge off things. You all know that voice. I needed to write it down to shut it up.

Now I’ll go and read your posts. I haven’t really checked in since … September probably. I need to get back into this.