A tiny voice

keeps telling me that maybe, just maybe, I could have some rosé this summer. I know, I know. But this voice is a new one, more sneaky, more calm, more “oh I don’t know, it’s not a big deal, I really don’t care but maybe perhaps perhaps why not just try one?”

And the thing is I really don’t have any good answers other than it’s a very bad idea and I’m an alcoholic and it would lead to disaster, but all this is said in a very detached voice. I don’t FEEL it anymore.

630 days and counting.


2 thoughts on “A tiny voice

  1. Babe, you know that voice is a sleasy second-hand car salesman. Some rose this summer…well that means…some rose and then some more …couple of days later some more and then boom you’re back in the game. Wendy is right, the voice never really leaves you. We just learn to dismiss it over time as a lying bastard. xxxx


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