Two years

Back again to let all those people who sometimes google the saddest words and end up here know that

1) if I can – you can. Simple as that.

2) by now it’s not even an effort. I’d compare it to suddenly becoming allergic to … peanuts? I know I can’t have them anymore because I’d (eventually) die and thats it. People offer me peanuts but I just wave ’em off and reach for the crisps instead. Sometimes I miss the way peanuts used to make me feel and the lovely crunch but thats just a passing thought. Life is better now that I’m off the Skippy and even though Reeses pieces looks lovely I never could have just one and I ended up fat and unhappy. The chatter is gone, the peanuts are no longer calling my name. It is quiet.

I know, I know, that allegory really didn’t work out that great. And now I’m feeling hungry. But hey, it’s my Sobversary – I just wanted to say hi. Hi!



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